Integration and Engineering

To be effective, location technology must be implemented into your workflow in a way that is streamlined and meaningful. We develop custom geospatial applications around Google Earth Enterprise, Google Maps API, Luciad, OpenLayers and other platforms, offering solutions tailored to your unique needs — whether they include asset tracking, real-time visualization or collaboration.  Integrating geospatial information at the enterprise level is a persistent challenge for many organizations. Thermopylae can design and collaborate on solutions that incorporate multiple data sets and give your team access to the key insights necessary to make informed decisions.



Disaster Relief

The 3D UDOP was developed immediately following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to allow users to contribute, author, and collaborate on the relief efforts. TST deployed a customized instance of iSpatial used by Government, aid organizations, and relief workers on the ground. Within a 48-hour period, over 2,500+ unique users were collaborating and sharing information over a hybrid of Google Earth and Google Maps API.






TST’s iSpatial with Google Search Appliance and Google Earth

TST has integrated their core product with various other third-party products and Google product offering.



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