GEE Consulting

TST has been working with Google Earth Enterprise since our inception in 2007. Our experience is not just with Google Earth in standard operating environments, but rather it goes deep to a fundamental engineering level as well as within closed/classified environments. TST engineers are available to strategize an implementation, upgrade, or improvement to a Google Earth environment. We have developed architecture for single instances of Earth Server all the way up to large-scale, gridded implementations of Fusion networks. We are familiar with DoD and IC information assurance (IA) processes as well as the advantages and limitations to closed network environments.

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GEE Training

Google Earth Enterprise is a powerful software suite whose users greatly benefit from professional training. TST provides training on all GEE products including:

Google Earth Client 
Client training is focused on the user that will be accessing your servers and data. The training is user-interface focused and reviews the various toolsets that the typical user will operate while using Google Earth in a closed environment. Training content will consist of loading globes and data, searching and layering data, making annotations, and other elements of basic operation.

Google Earth Enterprise Server
Earth Server training is geared towards the IT staff that will be installing and maintaining your Google Earth Server(s). This training is technical and assumes a basic knowledge of Linux (or Windows/Mac OS), storage and networking. The training will be a hands on tutorial of Google Earth starting with installation and globe setup. It is highly recommended that anyone taking the Google Earth Server training also take Google Earth Fusion training, as there are many complementary topics that will reinforce the understanding of the other tool.

Google Earth Fusion Server
Fusion training is geared towards the IT staff that will be maintaining your Google Earth servers and adding data to the globe. The training is technical and assumes a basic knowledge of Linux, storage and networking.  The students will complete a hands-on tutorial on Google Fusion and Google Earth using a server that is in the classroom.

Topics that are covered include:

•       How to add imagery to your globe
•       How to add terrain to your globe
•       How to add vector data to your globe
•       How to configure the Fusion server
•       How to configure the Earth server
•       How to transfer globes from the Fusion server to the Earth server
•       Managing disk space on the Fusion server
•       Using the extra tools that come with Fusion and Earth.