We are excited to announce that Google Earth Enterprise has released as an open source suite on Github in March 2017. This includes Google Earth Server, Google Earth Fusion, and Google Earth Portable. Thermopylae engineers are leaning forward with other partners to support an ongoing community to ensure that the future of the codebase is bright. Thermopylae engineers have been working with Google as an Enterprise Partner for the past decade. Our award-winning partnership supporting Google Earth in various capacities provides the foundation for us to work alongside Google to introduce this exciting technology to the Open Source world. We are thankful to the entire Google team to have had the opportunity to work with them to prepare the code base for its migration to GitHub. Our entire staff of knowledgeable GEE engineers will continue to contribute code to the community project for a long time to come. Thermopylae will also continue to be a great source of value for custom engineering, training, architecture, globe building, and overall GEE suite support.

Google Earth Enterprise (GEE) is a collection of tools that helps organizations with imagery and other geospatial data make that information accessible and useful to decision makers and front-line users via an intuitive, visual, and fast application. GEE allows users to create private globes from their own geospatial data and to serve these globes and the software from their own data centers, keeping sensitive data behind the firewall with access restricted to authorized users.

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The Google Earth Enterprise software consists of:

Google Earth Enterprise Server
The Google Earth Enterprise Server hosts the data and delivers it to the end user through the connection to the Google Earth Enterprise client or via the Google Earth web browser plug-in.

Google Earth Fusion Pro
Google Earth Fusion Pro combines all of an organization’s geospatial data into a flyable globe that is made available to the users via the Google Earth Enterprise Server. Google Earth Fusion can integrate raster data – including imagery and terrain – vector data, KML, 3D models, and even data stored in traditional models.

Google Earth Enterprise Portable Server
The Google Earth Enterprise Portable Server enables an organization to access portions of their custom globes in the field when no network access may be available or possible. Using a web interface, end-users may select and area of interest to download from a Google Earth Enterprise Server for offline use with the Portable Server.

Google Earth Enterprise Client
The Google Earth Enterprise Client (EC) allows users to connect directly to their organization’s private globes. EC is a desktop application and is a common method for users to access globes. Usage of EC is included in a Google Earth Enterprise Server license.

Google Earth Browser Plug-In
The Google Earth plug-in and its JavaScript API allow users to access the full power of Google Earth, its 3D rendering capabilities, and an organization’s private globes via a web browser. Usage of the Google Earth plug-in is included in a Google Earth Enterprise Server license.